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Legendary Baritones 1905-1941



Featuring Lucien Fugère, Victor Maurel, Antonio Magini-Coletti, Elsa Petri, Mattia Battistini, Mario Ancona, Maurice Renaud, Eugenio Giraldoni, Riccardo Stracciari, Giuseppe de Luca, Titta Ruffo, Pasquale Amato, Joseph Schwarz, Heinrich Schlusnus, Renato Zanelli, Carlo Galeffi, John Charles Thomas, Lawrence Tibbett, Gerhard Hüsch and Igor Gorin.

Legendary Baritones 1905-1941


"Prizes for all here ... a prize-giving here would have something for (almost) everybody, including those responsible for the transfers and booklet, for the choice of singers and their matching up with arias." John B. Steane, Gramophone