Legendary Voices 1911-1962

This disc accompanies the book of the same name, written by Nigel Douglas. It and a later volume were originally published by André Deutsch. Note: Volume 1 & Volume 2 are no longer available from the publisher but copies are still available through online retailers.

The singers who I have written about in Legendary Voices are all artists who, for one reason or another are particular favourites of mine. Some of them I heard in the flesh, some were known to me personally, others I only know from recordings, but all of them hold a special place in my affections. In the book I try to draw protarits of them as people; this disc presents them in their most essential guise - as singers. Nigel Douglas



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Review "Nigel Douglas's book Legendary Voices (Deutsch: 1992) gives engagingly appreciative accounts of 14 favourite singers, coupling a biographical sketch, and sometimes personal reminiscences, with a survey of their recordings... and now, lucky man, he has had it illustrated in the best possible way with a well-chosen anthology on CD. The transfers are representative examples of the Nimbus method: they have a generous bloom, are often startlingly vivid, and derive from immaculate originals. Most of the items are well known, but some will perhaps come as a pleasant surprise ..." John B. Steane, Gramophone
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