Los de Azuero - Traditional Music from Panama

Los de Azuero is a group of top musicians from the province of Azuero - the cultural heartlands of this music. They play Panamanian cumbias, tamboritos, mejoranas, tunas ... dance and fiesta music which is unique to the country, and largely unknown outside it. A strong African pulse drives the percussion and the call and response vocals of the women. Recorded live in session in Panama City, this is the first CD of Panama's lively traditional music to be released in the UK.


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"This CD trully presents the authentic music from Panama. I am a panamenian and absolutely LOVE this CD!"- Anonymous

"I am panamanian from Chiriqui, but live in California now. I danced with one of the best dance Academies in the country for almost 12 years, allowing me to represent Panama nationally and internationally!!! The music in this CD is just as good as the music I have danced when I was a dancer. I also going to use it to open a little academy here in Los Angeles and I will use it for my dancers and coreographies. Thanks for the author who made this..."- Dennis Lara Hernaandez

"I am a Peace Corps volunteer that has been living in Panama for the last year, and I have to say that this is definitely representative of the sound and spirit of Panamanian music. If you are looking for the flavor of panamanian tipico complete with salomars, this is it!"- Jennifer Zirbes

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