Lucrezia Bori -The Victor recordings 1925-1937

These two CDs present all the published recordings Bori made for Victor in New York from 1925-28, plus the final sessions accompanied by George Copeland in 1937. Bori, who was born in Spain but studied in Italy, made her debut in 1908 in Rome and moved swiftly to Paris (1910) and the Metropolitan, New York (1912) where she sang until 1936. Her voice was of modest size, but produced with a clear and delicate timbre, and her performances are always passionate, charming and intensely musical.


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"There is a great and comprehensive collection here on Disc One. I like the sound of Lucrezia, who has what I call a 'metallic' voice - especially when singing lower notes unlike many Sopranos of that era which were typically high-pitched shrill and piercing - hers is sweet, melodic and very tuneful. The first Disc kicks off with a couple of very sweet Songs - lots of 'Puccini' in there too which is always nice. Lucrezia's voice goes well with her photo here; she looks as if to say; 'I'm singing just for you'!. All transfers are of the same quality which are surprisingly clear with very little background hiss/noise. The first Disc is probably the best - despite some lovely Duets with the likes of: 'Lawrence Tibbett' and 'John McCormick' on the second (I like a nice Baritone) where her voice becomes a little 'high-pitched' for me that I don't particularly warm to. My favourite on this Disc being: 'Calm As The Night'."-Anonyous

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