Luisa Tetrazzini Volume 1 1909-1914

"I like to think of these Nimbus recitals gaining converts for the old singers - it is part of the declared aim and I have known instances where it has happened. The Nimbus sound helps considerably to put her in a stage-perspective; in the solos it takes the voice out of the box of a studio and puts it, not into the bathroom as more severe critics of the system would say, but into a place where it has room to expand and thrill, almost as it did when heard in Covent Garden or the Royal Albert Hall." Gramophone


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"Luisa Tetrazzini (1871-1940), the legendary coloratura soprano from Florence, was indeed a worldwide sensation. Her coloratura was quite brilliant, and she often tailored her scores to better demonstrate her technique. Despite her fame, she never performed at La Scala and did only a single season at the Met (1911-12). Tetrazzini retired in 1932 and, at least according to legend, died in poverty (April 1940, Milan), her vast fortune squandered away by her 3rd husband. At 74.35", 19 tracks, this Nimbus Records offering is a wonderful compilation for the new listener interested in the coloratura sound as heard at the turn of the (20th) century. While she largely left opera for the concert stage after World War I, these 19 tracks come from 1909-1914 when she was still performing opera. Tetrazzini was no one-hit wonder. The CD features several non-coloratura tracks like La Traviata's "Addio del passato," the song "Tre Giorni son che Nina," and even an Italian version of a Brahms song. The recorded sound is not bad at all. The volume is even; you can set your stereo to one level without having to worry about any sudden blasts or diminutions of sound. It's not HDMI, but important details are not washed out. For example, in Track 18, "I Vespri Siciliani," the castanets are clearly heard."- Anonymous

For those of us who were not around to experience this brillian talent this CD is a wonderful look into the Golden Era of opera! Tetrazzini had a beautiful color to her voice and it is just magic to hear the way she flys up and down the scales like a little bird. If you have the chance I encourage you to experience Tetrazzini for yourself and I know you will love her just as much as I. - Alan Wilhite

In her time Luisa Tetrazzini and Enrico Caruso were the biggest stars on planet.In fact,there is even a funny anecdote where upon seeing Caruso in train station,one woman excitedly claimed to her friend:"You see,I told you it was Tetrazzini!" Wealth and fame were not kind to Tetrazzini who died alone and forgotten in 1940. with the state paying for her funeral - but on this compilation we can hear why she was so famous.To put it simply,woman was bundle of joy,almost cartoonish coloratura who chirped like a drunken canary bird and her oompa-pah version of "Ah!Non giunge" from "La Somnabula" and "Una Voce poco fa" by Rossini are pure delight,it never fails to cheer me up.(Occasionaly,I find myself singing along with her when Im shaving,she is SO good) In some paralel universe I would introduce Tetrazzini to Mrs.Miller and let them sing me to Heaven.- Sasha

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