Lyrita Recorded Edition is one of the UK’s longest established and highest regarded independent Classical record labels. Lyrita has an unparalleled reputation for recording specifically British repertoire at the highest audio standards. For 50 years Lyrita has produced recordings acclaimed by critics, collectors and audiophiles alike.

In 2006 Lyrita entered an exclusive agreement with Wyastone Estate Limited and virtually all the Lyrita recordings are now available on CD, many for the first time.

The welcome accorded to these iconic recordings has been universal and remarkable:

Simon Heffer, The Daily Telegraph  “From the 1960s to the 1990s, those with a taste for obscure English classical composers, or for the obscure works of the well-known ones, needed only one port of call: Lyrita Records. For aficionados of the English canon the re-issue of this material is one of the great events in our musical history. It is like coming across long-buried treasure, and represents perhaps the finest exhibition our music has ever had.”

Michael Cookson, musicweb-international  “I have collected the majority of the Lyrita discs and the high standard of their performance and sound is cause for celebration. The growing number of British music lovers should make these Lyrita releases their first point of call.”  

Arthur Lintgen, Fanfare  “By adhering faithfully to a formula designed to achieve the highest attainable quality for their recordings, Lyrita successfully produced a large catalogue with astounding musical interest and accessibility, despite its emphasis on new music of widely disparate styles. The performance and sonic values of these recordings virtually defined the state-of-the-art at the time they were originally released, and still stand up well against modern competition. I encourage you to embark on what will undoubtedly be a rewarding quest to find a vast treasure-trove of new music.”  

Rob Barnett, musicweb-international  “Simon Gibson the [Abbey Road] transfer engineer held in his hands the impossibly exalted expectations of a generation or two of listeners and has met those expectations – long may he labour over those tapes.”

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