Matchbox Bluesmaster Series: Country Blues & Great Harp Players 1927-32

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Volume 2 of the CD release of the iconic Matchbox Bluesmaster LP series from the 1980s with extensive notes from world authority on the blues, Paul Oliver.

The 42 LP albums that make up the iconic Matchbox Bluesmaster Series were released by Saydisc Records between Nov 1982 and June 1988. Most of the albums were subtitled “Complete Recordings in Chronological Order” with a few under the subtitle “The Remaining Titles” or “New to LP”. The originating 78 rpm records (many of them extremely rare) were provided by several collectors under the editorship of well known Austrian collector, Johnny Parth and were re-mastered by Hans Klement of Austrophon Studios in Vienna. Johnny Parth had already created his extensive Roots Records label which Saydisc distributed in the UK and the Matchbox Bluesmaster Series was a carefully sculpted edition of black blues roots music giving a broad spectrum of the genre. Saydisc has in its vaults many more pre-Bluesmaster blues albums which may be issued on CD in due course.
Matchbox Bluesmaster Volume 1 Country Blues & Ragtime Blues Guitar 1926-30



Highly recommended to blues enthusiasts and to aspiring musicians wishing to brush up their guitar technique.

All in all the Matchbox Bluesmaster Series is quite fascinating, really bringing to life the richness of the blues genre which would go on to fuel the best of our popular music. In the 1920s and early 1930s *RACE record companies such as OKEH in America, went in search of the South’s most talented African-American blues artists. Musicians and singers were brought off the streets, where they had been performing for nickels at a time, and signed up for one-off recordings, some with the promise of more. Records might be produced in the space of an afternoon and then the resulting 78 records, marketed to the black community who couldn’t get enough of a music that had been in their families for several generations. For the full review of Tracing The Blues visit ArtMuseLondon

*Race Record Companies produced recordings exclusively by and for African Americans. The term is sometimes said to have been coined by Ralph s. Peer, who was then working for OKeh Records.

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