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Mendelssohn Piano Concertos



Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1809-1847) was just 20 when he paid the first of ten visits to Britain. Within a month of his arrival he was engaged to conduct a concert for the Philharmonic Society of London, but he did not confine himself to the capital. In true tourist fashion he set out with a friend to visit Scotland. In a letter home on 7th August 1829 Mendelssohn wrote: “To make you understand how extraordinarily the Hebrides affected me I send you the following which came into my head there”, notating a few bars of music which became the opening of this Overture.

Mendelssohn Piano Concertos


"These are two excellent interpretations of two great (and very exciting) Piano Concertos! And in case this is your first recording of them, make sure to look into other performances by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. They are excellent and definitely one of my favorite Orchestras. Highly recommend every recording I heard by them."- Trevor Collins