Midnight Casino: Lost Property

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We are Midnight Casino: an Indie/Rock band from South Wales. We have been making and playing music together since the age of eight, and all share a great passion for what we do. The songs on our debut EP, Lost Property, were all written and arranged during the COVID-19 pandemic, entirely by us over six months. We all hope you enjoy listening to our music as much as we have enjoyed making it. Please buy this EP or listen on Spotify now!


"Incredible to think this is their first recording. Poignant lyrics and original vocals matched with an Indi / rock / retro kind of sound. Well rehearsed, well polished guitar playing and very catch melodies. Think Killers / Inxs / the softer side of Oasis. Put this on repeat a few times and I guarantee you will be singing along to Stella and Leave it all behind. More soon please guys." amazon review

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