Mozart String Quintets K174 and K515

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"The CD notes are very informative about the provenance of each work and can hardly be faulted on that account. But as the solo sonatas are grouped by CD according to the instrument they are scored for and, since the Opus 1 set are a collation of works for different instruments, there is no clear overview as to the textural problems over different versions and editions, or the issues regarding authenticity, so the listener is left to piece that together for himself. Another snag is that a whole composition is given a single track each, so it is necessary to forward through to later movements within a given work. Nevertheless, these are minor flaws and the collection remains a fine achievement – as of now the only means of exploring the chamber music of one of Baroque music’s greatest figures. As such it will be essential listening for Handelians, for whom it will provide great pleasure in hearing various movements they will already know in different guises, and the music’s innate charm will certainly appeal to them and the general music lover."-Curtis Rogers

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