Mozart The Complete Piano Sonatas


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Review "I own five sets of Mozart's piano sonatas and all have something to offer that can be very exciting. This set is excellent, quite different as it has been recorded in a large space, the concert hall built in Monmouth, I think, by Nimbus Records, that has just the right amount of resonance. This is the set that I listen to on my own and played through four speakers (Mourdant Short Pearls at the front and Monitor Audio BK2s to the rear), this captures every nuance. If there is any doubt, listen to the second movement of K309, just stunning!"- Anonymous. "Very good!"- T E Hill. "Deyanova explores this music with true virtuosity bringing a sense of tranquil compsure and introspection where required and a sense of exuberant joie de vivre in other parts. Mozart's constant freshness and inventiveness is matched by Deyanova who brings a very real feeling of discovery and exploration to works which some other - perhaps starrier - pianists can make sound stale or hackneyed. As for the recorded soundstage, the sense of a piano in a salon is tangible, with none of the closely overmiked zealousness which can make the listener feel less as if he/she is attending a recital and more as if one is a piano tuner with one's head jammed under the instrument's lid! All in all, a superb set with much to recommend it. Buy without hesitation and sit back in luxuriate in Mozart playing of the highest order."- Anonymous. "This is a set which is well worth the money. The interpretation is such that you can tell that the pianist enjoys this music and is having great fun playing it. The acoustics are those of a large, empty room, and you can almost see the sun slanting in onto the polished wooden floorboards. Great fun and a worthwhile set of these wonderful pieces to have."-Matt Westwood "An extremely helpful interpretation for the expert amateur Mozart player, ideal for those students and teachers working at post-grade 8 level who wish to explore a variety of interpretations. Delightful clarity of dynamics and ornamentation."- Anonymous
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