Mozart The Ten Celebrated String Quartets


"During the mid 1780s it was the string quartet that chiefly preoccupied Mozart. The ten quartets he composed during his Viennese years have come to be known as diezehn berühmten Streichquartette – the ten celebrated quartets: six quartets in response to Haydn’s Op. 33 (composed between 1782-85); the ‘Hoffmeister’ Quartet (1786) and three ‘Prussian Quartets (1789-90). These form the linchpin in Mozart’s output of the period: during the time of their composition he completed no full scale operas and only one symphony, the ‘Linz’, famously written in great haste on the journey to that city in 1783.



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"These performances by the Franz Schubert Quartet of Vienna are suffused with a rich, warm and sweet tone - what one might call appropriately Viennese qualities - and the players communicate the sense of being comfortable with the music."  Willliam Humphreys-Jones, BBC Music Magazine

"The Franz Schubert Quartet play with refreshing lack of affectation and with great sweetness of tone. There is perhaps more sweetness that depth in the slow movements; but at the same time it must be said that there is nothing narcissistic about the playing, and the listener is held from start to finish. They are very well recorded too."  The Penguin Guide

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