Music for the Qin Zither

The qin occupies a unique position in Chinese musical culture. Its numinous reputation throughout imperial culture has persisted in modern China, with a substantial discography in inverse proportion to the tiny élite which has ever actually played the instrument.


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Review "This is dignified contemplative music that casts a warm spell. A perfect musical example of the concept of Wu Wei, everything unfolds at its own pace without any sense of the performers ego. Indeed, this could be played while reading the Tao Te Ching. If we all did that, the whole planet would benefit! Faultless, sincere and deeply thoughtful musicianship from Lin Youren. The booklet notes mention his concern 'for music-making to be part of self-cultivation, not mere technical exercise....' We are in the company of real integrity and sublime craftsmanship. If you are curious, but don't quite know what to expect, I urge you to explore this disc. It will become a friend."-A. D. Lewis
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