Music of the Tatra Mountains

The music of Gorale, the highlander inhabitants of the Podhale region of Poland, originates in the Tatra mountains, the highest in the vast system of the Carpathians which occupy the border between Poland and Czechoslovakia. The people of this region are an ethnic group possessing their own distinct culture and whosoever wishes to get to know the soul of the Tatras must look through the eyes of the Gorale, eat and drink with them, listen to their music, watch them dance and feel the pulse and vitality of it all. This recording was made at an informal Gorale get-together where musicians, singers and dancers shared food and drink, and performed from dusk to the early hours. What you hear is as authentic and as spontaneous as possible.


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"Brilliant album from one of the finest traditional Polish folk musicians - raw, emotional, and quite stunning!" -Mike Oborski,

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