Nicolai Gedda in Opera 1952-1957

Although not blessed with a highly individual, and therefore instantly recognisable vocal timbre like Enrico Caruso, Beniamino Gigli, Tito Schipa, Jussi Björling or Richard Tauber for example, Nicolai Gedda did nevertheless possess a beautiful tenor voice. More importantly, it was always used to stylistic perfection in an enormously wide range of opera and song. A polyglot of extraordinary abilities, with a superb ear for language, he sang of course in his native Swedish, in faultless Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish and English, encompassing operatic and operetta roles, German Lieder, French Mélodie and folk song.


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"This is a fabulous disc because it is chock-full of performances by a great tenor in perfect voice, who is a superb musician. A "must" for any Gedda lover." - Jan Cambria

"A master of technique with an amazing range, versatile interpretation and a lyrical charm." - Brett Alexander

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