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Working closely with SONY DADC in Austria we were able to specify a disc that performed at the highest possible technical level whilst also providing a disc that cosmetically looked exactly like a replicated CD. The discs we specify are batch tested, verified at the time of shipping and also at the point of production in our facility. The product is referred to as Grade “A” Diamond Silver denoting that it has the highest electrical performance and also the highest cosmetic standard. When we duplicate we test that each disc is recording at the optimum level to ensure that the highest possible technical standards are maintained. All duplication is executed by fully automated robotic systems. When a job is scheduled the audio file is selected along with the onbody artwork file and the required quantity is ordered.

Quality Guarantee

The disc lifetime is calculated using the Arrhenius equation by collecting data at an accelerated temperature where in the lifetime is relatively short and use this data for extrapolation to estimate the lifetime at standard conditions. The lifetime obtained from this test for SONY DADC Silver / Silver CD-R discs is more than 35 years at standard environmental conditions.



Bit to bit verification – At the front of our production system is a software interface called Eclipse Image Suite which is also used on all mass manufacturing Laser Mastering Systems. All new productions are checked using Image Verify to ensure that they are free of errors and also that the disc complies with the optical disc standards as defined by SONY and Philips, these being Red Book, Yellow Book and Orange Book. Once verified the disc data (music, software, video) is then loaded on to mirrored servers to be stored for future production. This stored image is then checked against the original master disc using Image Verify. This process makes a full calculation of the digital profile of both files. If they match then you can be assured that all data has transferred successfully. The Master disc is then archived or returned to the customer. During the initial production a random sample is taken and inspected for visible defects. This sample is then used to perform another full bit to bit verification against the stored master file. It can then be confirmed that the music / files on the original source master are exactly the same as those on the duplicated disc.

There is no minimum quantity for CD or DVD duplication; customers order exactly the quantity they need right now.

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