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Nimbus launched its new division Nimbus Music Publishing at the Schott Music Shop yesterday 9 October. Nimbus also announced the release of two major orchestral projects The Great Animal Orchestra Symphony by Richard Blackford and Bernie Krause, and a new orchestration of Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals by Richard Blackford.

Adrian Farmer, Music Director, comments “Nimbus Music Publishing is initially focusing on publishing works recorded by Nimbus labels. The new division will be expanding on two frontiers: in publishing the works that were never published or have fallen out-of-print, and in supporting the work of living composers.”

As a record company looking to record new and interesting repertoire Nimbus often finds itself preparing unpublished or out-of-print scores for recording sessions. Publishing these scores alongside the release of the record forms a natural addition to the label.

One such project was the discovery of Dmitry Kabalevsky’s opus 1, Three Preludes for Piano. The work is largely unknown and after locating the work pianist Kirsten Johnson recorded the piece as part of a collection of the composer's concert works for Nimbus in 2014, NI 6283. Kirsten Johnson comments “It has been an honour to make the first ever recording of Kabalevky’s opus 1, a work which has been languishing in a library in France for many years. I believe this is an important work which will become a central part of the piano repertoire. Nimbus Music Publishing is to be commended for making the manuscript available to everyone in this print edition.”

Nimbus has an on-going recording relationship with English composer Richard Blackford releasing recordings of his choral works Mirror of Perfection, Voices of Exile and Not in Our Time. His latest composition The Great Animal Orchestra, Symphony for Orchestra and Wild Soundscapes and its companion piece a new orchestration of Saint-Saëns' Carnival of the Animals, is the first orchestral project which Nimbus is both recording and publishing. “I'm delighted to be the first composer to be published by Nimbus Music Publishing. The dynamic and creative team of management and promotion at Nimbus combines all the resources of a major record label with an exciting and innovative approach to music publishing. I have every cause to believe that this is a winning team." comments Richard Blackford.

Future publishing projects with Richard Blackford include a piece for oboe and string orchestra The Better Angels of our Nature and the overture Spirited.

Watch Richard Blackford’s speech at the Nimbus Music Publishing launch here

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