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NI6199 - The Art of Transcription  £14.99 £9.99

When I first wrote my transcription of Bach’s Goldberg Variations for String Trio, in 1984, it was both a labour of love and an obsession with the 1981 Glenn Gould recording. For two months I probably had the time of my life, musically speaking, being in the constant company of Johann Sebastian Bach and Glenn Gould. I hope listeners will share in my life-long journey through the Goldberg Variations and my love of the music, indeed in the very first publication of the Variations, in 1742, J. S. Bach states that the spirit of the piece is “for the enjoyment of music lovers”.

Dmitry Sitkovetsky

NI6198 - A Tribute to Scriabin  £14.99 £9.99
This recording was conceived as a portrait of the artist through the mosaic of his works, proceeding in chronological order – from the age of innocence to the age of experience.

Pianist and conductor Vladimir Feltsman is one of the most versatile and constantly interesting musicians of our time. His vast repertoire encompasses music from the Baroque to 20th-century composers. A regular guest soloist with leading symphony orchestras in the United States and abroad, he appears in the most prestigious concert series and music festivals all over the world.


NI 6188 - French Classics  £14.99 £9.99
The six most popular orchestral pieces by French composers. From





NI6200 - Apollo Saxophone Orchestra - Perpetual Motion  £10.99 £7.99
The only melodies the average person immediately associates with the saxophone are Take Five, Baker Street and Barbara’s own haunting TV theme tune for A Touch of Frost. She is a leading pioneer of composing for the saxophone, and the remarkable Perpetual Motion is a major contribution to the ever expanding saxophone repertoire.

I came up with the idea of calling the 12-piece ensemble the ‘Apollo Saxophone Orchestra’, as both Andy and Rob were founder members of the original Apollo Saxophone Quartet, one of the finest and most adventurous saxophone quartets in the world. - Barbara Thompson

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