Old Christmas Return'd

The music and song of Christmas past from renowned early music bass singer, Richard Wistreich with the ancient shawms, sackbuts, cornetts, hurdy-gurdies, recorders and bagpipes of The York Waits.
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"A glorious ensemble ... many delightful treats" American Record Guide

"The recording is ideal. Choice" Laser Disc Gazette (USA)

      "This joyful release from Saydisc is a mixture of Christmas music and carols from primarily the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It features a combination of actual carols French and Flemish pastoral Noel tunes, songs of pagan origin and religious music. By the way, the word originally indicated a round dance, but in fifteenth century started to change its meaning to refer to popular songs and dances that celebrated the several religious festivals of the year. We also hear seasonal instrumental interludes - such as would be played by City Waits - official town musicians and watchmen - throughout Europe. Mixed in are works by composers such as Michael Praetorius, Thomas Ravenscroft, Josef Obrecht and Anthony Holborne.

      The disc is a good one – the playing from the York Waits is excellent and there is a pleasingly celebratory atmosphere. The combination of instruments is also lovely - they include hurdy gurdies, smallpipes, bagpipes, shawms, sackbuts, pipe and tabor, and so on. [Em Marshall, Music Web International]

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