'Out there so quiet' and other rare song by Evert Taube



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My selection of songs for this album is entirely subjective. I’ve chosen songs I like and to which I think I can do justice. It is strange that several of the chosen songs have not become more popular. Here you will find everything from Därute så tyst, a dialogue between Mr. Brunander and Eve about what is best: Roslagen or Paris, stories from Argentina, a romantic Personligt samtal, a lovely Bal på Skeppsholmen, to the melancholy Minnet och tystnaden, Taube’s final composition. Some of the songs were never recorded by Taube himself. Sandhamnsballaden is not at all recorded before. With this CD, I would like to highlight songs that gives a complementary picture of the extent of Taube’s artistry. The last song Nocturne is not among the rarely heard. However, I recorded it when I found Jonas Isaksson’s arrangement so idiomatic and delicate.

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