Paganini Caprices arranged for String Quartet

Why arrange music specifically written to explore the capabilities of a single violin for a string quartet? Party for the fun of the challenge, partly to make explicit the implicit harmonies and counterpoints contained within the writing and partly to aid the listener to the wood despite the trees. William Zinn is well known for a host of brilliant arrangements reduces the risk of this performance being a solo high wire act. It is no longer about a single performer showing off, it is about the notes and the music that lies between them.


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Review "Paganini's famous Caprices are far more than technical exercises for violin, difficult as they are. They explore and exploit almost every aspect of violin playing but at the same time are very satisfying musically and can be listened to in their entirety with no feeling of weariness or musical overload. This arrangement by William Zinn is remarkably successful, and the Wihan Quartet tackle it with gusto, technical assurance and a considerable degree of musicality. It does add something to the music to hear the four different voices, particularly the different colours of the viola and 'cello, and the music is in no way diminished by being treated in this way - rather the opposite. I think this is the only available recording of this version. The recording itself is excellent, clean and clear, and the CD can be confidently recommended."- Anonymous
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