Piano Works by Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, David Matthews & Wagner

The selection of music on this CD is very personal. I have chosen pieces which mean a lot to to me for a variety of reasons, and which I feel work well side by side. At the heart of this recording is Chopin’s G minor Ballade, which I have loved since I was in my teens. I performed it in my first public solo recital in 1973 and have continued to study it ever since. More than any other piano work it has helped me to assess and to extend my own boundaries as a musician and and as a performer. I envisage continuing to study it until the day I can no longer play. Most of the works that I have recorded here were written in a fourteen-year period, between 1827 and 1841. The exceptions are the two works by David Matthews, which are the most recent pieces of many that I have commissioned over the years. Playing works by living composers has been an extremely important part of my life as a performer, and throughout my career I have always made a point of programming contemporary works alongside music from the past. David’s pieces also add to the personal flavour of this recital; in what is commonly known as a ‘portrait recording’ it seems appropriate to include his Four Portraits, which are musical representations of myself and three friends. The final piece, David’s brilliant reduction of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, was also written for a mutual friend. I would like to thank all those who encouraged me to make this recording and have supported the making of it in numerous ways. William Howard


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"The latest Nimbus recital from one of Britain’s leading classical pianists and chamber musicians finds William Howard indulging his passion for 19th century keyboard music as he serves up masterly performances of works by Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann and Chopin. The inclusion of a world premiere recording of a much more contemporary piece in the shape of David Matthews’ ‘Four Portraits’, adds a little more variety to the proceedings and Howard closes the CD with Matthews’ brilliantly condensed version of Wagner’s vast ‘Ring’ cycle, the six minute long ‘Shorter Ring’." Kevin Bryan

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