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Prokofiev The Piano Sonatas Vol.1



Russian pianist, ILYA YAKUSHEV, with many awards and honors to his credit, continues to astound and mesmerize audiences at major venues on three continents. His three-concert series at the San Francisco Symphony’s Prokofiev Festival under Michael Tilson-Thomas was named one of the “Top 10 Classical Music Events of 2007” by the San Francisco Chronicle. Mr. Yakushev attended the Rimsky-Korsakov College of Music in his native St. Petersburg, Russia, and subsequently came to New York City to attend Mannes College of Music where he studied with Dr. Arkady Aronov and later with legendary pianist Vladimir Feltsman. In addition to his performing career, Mr. Yakushev is presently serving as Executive Director of the International Keyboard Institute & Festival at Mannes, a position he has held since 2002.

Prokofiev The Piano Sonatas Vol.1


"The (apparently) effortless, bounding, opening rhythms of the Sonata No. 3 op 28 presage the virtuoso performance of Ilya Yakushev's pianism in this exciting CD of three of Prokofiev's piano sonatas. This one-movement composition completed in 1917 is followed by the four-movement Sonata No 6 in A major op 82 and the three-movement Sonata No 7 in B flat major op 83, both having been produced in the composer's high maturity of 1939. This may explain why the No 6 begins in a more reflective mood (allegro moderato) though still exhibiting changing colours in its performance. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a more perfect understanding of the demands of these pieces as exhibited here by Yakushev's playing with splendid examples of Prokofiev's mastery of the milieu. The blending of hystrionics with lyricism is quite captivating and grips the attention. The included booklet, in highly analytical vein will, doubtless, delight the musicologically inclined but any music lover will relish listening to this CD."-Jack L. Honigman