Rag Bhupal Tori and Rag Patdip

The Sārangī is the most important bowed instrument of North Indian classical music, and has traditionally been used to accompany the human voice. This supports the view in India that its sound comes closet to that of the voice, but also implies a subservience which is one of the reasons why the Sārangī is something of an endangered species. Other reasons include the enormous technical demands, and the stigma from an erstwhile association with dancing girls. Now it would be true to say that the latter no longer applies, but the technique has, if anything, become even more demanding.



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Review "well worth hearing." Paul Griffiths, The Times "Ram Narayan is, in my eyes and ears, the undisputed master of the sarangi. The sarangi is an oft neglected indian instrument since the popularity and availability of the violin. But the sarangi has a much more genuine sound. The ragas played on this CD are amazing and Ram's development is equally moving. The tabla playing is also very strong and attentive. Recommended if you want to hear the mystical power of the sarangi."- Anonymous
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