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Rag Darbari and Rag Chandra Kanhra



The Sitār is the Indian instrument which probably needs least introduction to Western listeners. Plucked stringed instruments, of which it is the best known, have a long history and high status in India. Imrat Khan is a member of the greatest family of Sitār players which stretches back several generations to the famous Ustād (Muslim master musicians) of the Mughal courts, where modern North Indian classical music was developed. He and his elder brother Ustād Vilayat Khan, who guided his early development, and their sons constitute the most formidable group of Sitār maestros of modern times, if not in the whole history of the instrument.

Rag Darbari and Rag Chandra Kanhra


"This music conjures up an entrancing, tranquil world that most of us would be the healthier for exploring." CD Review