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Rag Jhinjhoti and Rag Pilu



Few families have maintained the hereditary and dynastic traditions of Indian music as successfully as that of Imrat Khan. Descended from a line of professional master musicians (Ustāds) who trace their ancestry back to the legendary 16th Century Mughal court musician Tansen, he is the father to a new generation of excellent musicians who between them boast mastery of the Sitār, Surbahār, Sarod and Tablā. The disc features Imrat Khan and two of his sons in Jugalbandi (a form of collective improvisation) and offers a fascinating opportunity to follow the interplay of ideas between one generation of master musicians and the next.

Rag Jhinjhoti and Rag Pilu


"Builds slowly from the statement of the melody to intense sections of stunning brilliance." Clive Davidson, New Hi-Fi Sound