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Rag Kaunsi Kanhra



Hariprasad Chaurasia is the undisputed master of the Bānsri, the bamboo flute which holds such a special position in the Indian culture. The Rāg Kaunsi Kānhrā should be performed late at night. It’s mood may be described as sober, yet romantic. One aspect of Indian classical music, and a supreme test of musicianship, is the combining of melodic features from two Rāgs to generate a third. In this recording Hariprasad Chaurasia charts his course between two parent Rāgs (Mālkauns and Darbāri) to create Kaunsi Kāanhrā with the assurance and skill expected of a master.

Rag Kaunsi Kanhra


"Strongly recommended." Antony Bye, Music and Musicians