Rag Lalit

The Rag chosen by Ram Narayan for this disc is one of the grandest, and is a favourite for performance at dawn. Its scale, unusual even by Indian standards, imparts a feeling of instability, a feature of many rags performed at the junction of day and night, when nature itself is unstable.



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"The Sarangi remains not only the authentic and original Indian bowed instrument but the one which most poignantly, and in the hands of Ram Narayan, most revealingly expresses the very soul of Indian feeling and thought. I cannot separate the Sarangi from Ram Narayan, so thoroughly fused are they, not only in my memory but in the fact of this sublime dedication of the great musician to an instrument which is no longer archaic because of the matchless way he has made it speak."

Sir Yehudi Menuhin

“Strongly recommended."

Antony Bye, Music and Musicians

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