Rag Madkauns, Rag Suha Kanada, Rag Verag Todi, Rag Kalavati

Hindustani classical music's "home ground" extends over a vast and diverse area of the Indian subcontinent, cutting across regional and national boundaries, both ancient and modern. Salamat Ali Khan, one of the foremost classical singers from the punjab, and his sons represent a musical dynasty that extends back to court musicians of the 16th century. Their music is charaterised by both rhythmic verve and variety, on one hand, and on the other by a deep, soulful lyricism combined with a pronounced taste for elaborate ornamentation. Besides being one of the subcontinent's leading vocalists, Khansahib is also a prolific composer.


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Mysterious, yet full of strange wonder, slowly progressing into more and more complex rhythms and consequently more lyrical melodies; some of which are of stunning beauty. -Orpheus, www.amazon.co.uk

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