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["Without anything to compare this too and with no knowledge of the vina I am aware that I am listening to a master. This is a cd that will be a constant part of my life; a musical language that is ancient and sublime."- Barbara]

"I remember how ages ago I was entranced in the school science lab, not by its chemical wizardry, but by the resonance of a stretched wire. The simple equipment, a wire running over a pulley and stretched by suspended weights on the end, probably measured extension against attached weight or some such, but for me the sound vibrations of the plucked wire, the overtones and harmonics, stirred something inside me which I have never forgotten. Many years later I felt the same excitement and more when I first heard the rudra veena. The way such an instrument - in essence fashioned from simple hollow bamboo, pumpkin gourd and wire - could move the body and the soul was nothing less than heaven-inspired. Just listen to those incredibly low notes and feel the vibrations pass through you. Add to the wonderful deep sound of the instrument a musical form which addresses human striving for contact with the divine and you have a heady mix. Dhrupad is an ancient and venerable musical form, and apart from the human voice the rudra veena is the only instrument which has credibility in its performance. Sadly it is a dying art form, as is mastery of the instrument, which is why recorded performances such as this Nimbus recording of Zia Mohiuddin Dagar are such treasures. Accompanied only by drone tanpuras, the master of the rudra veena plays alap jor and jhala in Raga Yaman. For many sitar players this is the first raga they learn. It is tuneful and its main movement easily assimilated. But in this exposition, for 70 minutes we are treated to a masterly investigation into the nuances of each note of the raga, and the relationships between them. The full beauty and complexity of the raga emerge and eventually we are treated to a pulsing and exciting affirmation of what we have learnt and enjoyed. After the rudra veena ceases, for another half a minute we are left alone with the tanpura to allow our thoughts to return from the celestial to the real world. Wonderful sounds, wonderful music."- Anonymous

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