Richard Blackford: Blewbury Air

Blewbury Air, written in the summer of 2019, is a love song to the village of Blewbury, Oxfordshire, where I have lived for many years. Our house is on a small lake in the heart of the village, and is teeming with wildlife throughout the year, especially different species of waterfowl. The descriptive titles of the three movements reflect the contrasting moods of each movement. Blewbury Air was first performed by Raphael Wallfisch and Adrian Farmer and recorded in the Wyastone Studio on June 5th 2020 during the COVID19 pandemic. Being the first time the musicians had been able to play together for months during the lockdown, it was a very special day of music-making for me, the performers, and the technical staff at Nimbus Records, to whom I am most grateful.

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