Riquier 'The Last of the Troubadours'

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Review "I am writing this as I listen to the songs this gentleman is singing. but it's not just songs. There are instruments, rhythms, drums. When I was told that a great deal of civilization is sometimes saved by various individuals - monks in monasteries who write down what will soon be forgotten and saved in storage until humanity rediscovers itself - I believed it but I could not see it. Here in this artist, Martin Best, and his collaborators I sense something that teaches an essential lesson of interdependence. The way the past truly does exist in the present and/or speaks to the present in voices of wisdom and compassion, fidelity and love. I strongly recommend this music for any high school, college music appreciation program and/or this living artist, Mr. Best, who continues to toil away at his craft, his music and art. These songs are pearls and the album is a treasure. Yet, it's self-secret, like the ancient terma teaching of Tibet, this music and our capacity to enjoy it is buried underneath the layers of our increasingly complex and ever-changing times. The music must be discovered and a kind of excavation project must be undertaken by the listener. You must listen to the music and allow it to excavate YOU and liberate your sensibilities, currently bombarded by the crap of the infotainment telesector (it's not all crap...but a good deal of it). This music is very currant - I have heard the same melodies, rhythms and imagery in the various television series - Game of Thrones, The Tudors, various Shakespeare productions, Vikings, etc. Not surprised to know that Mr. Best has a history with the great artists of Europe and the Royal Shakespeare Theater as well. That's him singing the songs. Take advantage of this gold. Thank you as well to Mr. Best for your efforts on behalf of all of us. These songs stand alongside the Cante Jondo of Spain, they contain the same Duende that Lorca spoke of, they are songs that contain the secular and sacred of their times in a way that speaks to the possibility of basic goodness in our own times. Go for it. Think on your life as you listen."- Anonymous
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