Scarlatti 33 Keyboard Sonatas

Approximately 40 years have passed since Ralph Kirkpatrick published his epic study of the life and works of Domenico Scarlatti. This wonderful book, the product of the author's unique combination of artistic and scholarly talents, helped to dispel once and for all the superficial impression of Domenico Scarlatti as a sort of rococo lightweight, a composer of "original and happy freaks" as one of his 18th century contemporaries described him. Today, several decades into our international love affair with 18th century performance practice, Domenico Scarlatti is a towering figure universally accepted as one of the greatest and most original artists of the Baroque.

In preparing this recording vivid memories resurfaced-many from my childhood—of wonderful performances and recordings by Wanda Landowska, Ralph Kirkpatrick, Sylvia Marlowe, Irma Rogell and Dame Myra Hess. To each of them, I offer my admiration and gratitude.

John Browning, 1994 



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Recorded about eight years before his final recital — at the US Supreme Court (Browning v. Chopin) — it is a fine testament to Browning's unfussy, level-headed playing. Everything is tasteful and in place. There are no technical issues and the sound is good. There's nothing wrong with it, and it is easy to derive great pleasure from the thirty popular sonatas Browning chose. …if you wish to familiarize yourself with John Browning's playing, then this Nimbus disc will, and should, enter your radar. It is a wonderful contrast to another great Browning recording, that of the Prokofiev Piano Concertos.

 Jens F. Larson,

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