Speak the Unspeakable - The testimonies of those who perished in, those who survived and those who perpetrated the Holocaust

The 24 pieces of testimony – not only of victims and survivors, but also of the perpetrators – are powerful reminders of what happens when a society falls victim to its baser instincts. It is hoped that these readings and scripts will inspire a new generation to act differently.

Geraldine Auerbach MBE and Ben Helfgott MBE, Producers of “Speak the Unspeakable…”

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1. “None Of You Will Be Left To Bear Witness ...” - Words Of The Ss Quoted By Simon Wiesenthal / Primo Levi [Read By Harold Pinter]

2. “Dear Finder, Search Everywhere ...” - Salmen Gradowski [Read By Ruth Rosen]

3. Testimony From Babi Yar Watchman Of The Jewish Cemetery [Read By Harold Pinter]

4. Testimony From Chelmno - Yakov Grojanowski [Read By Harry Ariel]

5. ‘Geheime Reichssache: Changes For Vehicles.' - Just. [Read By Harold Pinter]

6. Minutes From The Wannsee Conference - Adolf Eichmann [Read By Ruth Rosen]

7. ‘Resettlement’ Order For The Warsaw Ghetto - German Authorities [Read By Harold Pinter]

8. Testimony From Belzec - Kurt Gerstein [Read By Harold Pinter]

9. Testimony From Treblinka - Jankiel Wiernik [Read By Ruth Rosen]

10. Deportation To Majdanek - Samuel Pisar [Read By Harry Ariel]

11. Last Testament - Israel Lichtenstein [Read By Harry Ariel]

12. The Janowska Road - Leon Weliczker [Read By Harry Ariel/Harold Pinter/Ruth Rosen]

13. ‘Death Fugue’ - Paul Celan [Read By Harold Pinter]

14. Warsaw Diary - Janusz Korczak [Read By Ruth Rosen]

15. Deportation Of Korczak And Jewish Children’s Home - Nahum Remba [Read By Harry Ariel]

16. ‘Night’ - Elie Wiesel [Read By Ruth Rosen]

17. ‘Ani Maamin’ - Elie Wiesel [Read By Harry Ariel]

18. The Stutthofers At Neumark - Reska Weiss [Read By Ruth Rosen]

19. ‘Shema’ - Primo Levi [Read By Harold Pinter]

20. ‘Shtarker Fun Eisn’ - Leib Lerner. Read In Yiddish. [Read By Harry Ariel]

21. Numbers Killed In Nazi Death Camps [Read By Harold Pinter/Ruth Rosen/Harry Ariel]

22. ‘Death Fugue’ (Refrain) - Paul Celan [Read By Ruth Rosen]

23. “We Will Bury Our Manuscripts ...” - Salmen Lewental [Read By Harry Ariel]

24. “... Will You Be Able To Visualize ...?” - Salmen Gradowski [Read By Harold Pinter]

Review "As mention in the above review I found that this brought me back to a visit I made a few years ago to Auschwitz and Birkenau. It left me in a very sombre mood thinking "How could man be so utterly brutal to millions of people"? whom Hitler called "Undermenschen". But this genocide only makes one remember that this activity still goes on in various parts of the world. This CD is a just reminder of the Holocaust and should be heard by a much wider public including the disbelievers! Did I like it? Well NO, I did not, but it has to be listened to even if one is reduced to tears."Philip Ashton
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