Stanley Turrentine T Time

"The trademark of tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine is a soulful, full tone that shakes the sweat off every note he hits."

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Stanley Turrentine – Tenor sax
Kenny Drew Jr. - Piano, B3 organ, keyboards
Dave Stryker - Guitar
Dwayne Dolphin – Bass (acoustic and electric)
Mark Johnson - Drums
Alfredo Mojica – Percussion (tracks 2, 6)


"I recommend it to any jazz fan who likes to hear a real tenor saxophone..."

Stanley Turrentine was a ‘monster’ tenor player with a fantastic sound, a magnificent technique and a great jazz feel. On this album he is backed by a superb rhythm, that matches the mood both of the piece and of Turrentine perfectly. Whether it’s the gentle ballad style of I Haven’t Got Anything Better to Do or the funky Don’t Mess with Mr T, they get it just right. 

John Coltrane is not my bag, but Stanley’s interpretation of his Impressions piece is impressive, Dave Stryker’s guitar work on this track is also superb, as is the playing of Kenny Drew Jr. on keyboards. The difference between the composer’s version and the Turrentine version is that with the latter you always know where he is in the piece. I also much prefer Turrentine’s sound on the instrument. 

Stanley Turrentine also had a hand in three of the compositions, all of which bear his mark; they are tracks 2, 5 & 7. The other tunes come from a wide range of composers.

Marvin Gaye wrote Don’t Mess with Mr T and Side Steppin' was written by guitarist Dave  Stryker. 

This was an outstanding album when it was first released by MusicMasters in 1995 and it is still right up there with the best today. I recommend it to any jazz fan who likes to hear a real tenor saxophone tone over a wide range of musical styles. 

Don Mather, Musicweb-international

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