Strauss, Martinu and Francaix Oboe Concertos



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"Here are three compact chef d’oeuvres of the oboe and orchestra repertoire made alluring by the presence of that rare charmer Francaix’s L'Horloge de Flore. The clock in question was the ‘flower clock’ devised by botanist Linnaeus who categorised various flowers by reference to the times of day at which they bloomed. It’s a work of warmly impressionistic delight with shades of bright sunshine, shadow and nocturnal contemplation. L'Horloge de Flore first crossed my path circa 1977 as the signature tune of a Saturday morning series on BBC Radio 3. The series which introduced short pieces and movements was hosted by the urbane Robin Ray.  The Nimbus disc ends with the enchanting Martinu Oboe Concerto."  Rob Barnett,

"The account of the Strauss by John Anderson, principal of the Philharmonia, is outstanding in every way, with the Andante quite ravishing when the soloist's timbre is so rich. The recording is first class and the couplings particularly attractive."  The Penguin Guide

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