Surround yourself with Hindustani Ragas

Playable on DVD-Video and DVD-Audio players

On a DVD-Video player the first menu will present you with a choice of two audio streams - two channel (UHJ encoded) PCM, which is equivalent to CD-Audio, or four channel DTS. If you have a Surround Sound playback system including a DTS decoder you should choose the DTS option. Otherwise you should choose the 2 channel version. You can switch between streams during playback using the Audio button on your remote control.

On a DVD-Audio player there are no menus - the disc behaves in a similar way to a CD. There is only one audio stream available on DVD-Audio players - 4 channel MLP. All DVD-Audio players are capable of decoding MLP. If your DVD-Audio system is configured with only two speakers you will hear a downmix derived from the four channel version, which is different from the two channel (UHJ encoded) version available as part of the DVD-Video area of the disc.

The four channels in the DTS and MLP streams have been derived from the original recording masters using specially optimised Ambisonic decoding software. The four channels are front left and right, and back left and right. The centre and LFE channels are intentionally silent. The decoding software assumes the speakers to be arranged in a square with the listener in the middle. Tests have been performed using a variety of speaker and listener positions, and this target arrangement has been chosen as a compromise that works well for a variety of speaker positions. Material decoded in this way works particularly well with the standard ITU speaker layout which may be recommended by your home theatre amplifier supplier.



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"I am still in the process of understanding Indian Classical music. I find it fascinating but bewildering. I really appreciated the liner notes for this release. Went into a lot of detail about the artist, the instrument, and the ragas. The performances are all memorizing and the sound quality is fantastic. The naturalness of the timbre is striking as is the recording of the room they are in. I am sorely tempted to get a surround sound system as I'm sure I will be placed into the room if I could play it in 4 channels. I really can't say enough about the quality of the recording and the performances, it has me scrambling and searching out the rest of the Nimbus catalog." - Isaac Crawford

"While plenty of Indian classical music is to be found on CD, high bitrate surround sound recordings are indeed rare. Two decades ago, Nimbus records of UK released a sensational series of recordings of Indian classical music on beautifully recorded CDs. These recordings were made using Nimbus' ambisonic recording system on four channels. On this DVD audio disc, we get to finally hear the original recordings in all their 24-bit splendor. Bathed in the flattering acoustic of Wyastone Leys, Nimbus' recording and manufacturing center, this disc is not to be missed. Will become a collectors disc for sure." - Sridhar Mahadevan

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