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Swedish Romantics: Gustaf Bengtsson Orchestral Works



A very favorite of mine. Here is a composer who knew how to write romantic orchestral music still late into the 20th century!! The symphonic poem Vettern is perhaps the Swedish equivalent to Smetanas Moldau. To me it has everything a symphonic poem should have. True greatness. Maybe, or maybe not the Argentina song from Evita by Lloyd-Webber comes to mind in the second theme in the Vettern. Lloyd Webber was far preceeded by Bengtsson. Sorry Andrew, this 'seat' is occupied! The symphony may not be equally significant, but all lovers of Rachmaninov, symphonies, please indulge! The last pieces evokes the pious environment of a munistory still existing in Vadstena. Wellcrafted and memorable ideas in the small format.

Swedish Romantics: Gustaf Bengtsson Orchestral Works