The Era of Adelina Patti 1902-1928

Victor Maurel, Pol Plançon, Emma Eames, Lucien Fugère, Adelina Patti, Francisco Viñas, Emma Calvé, Maurice Renaud, Fernando De Lucia, Francesco Tamagno, Nellie Melba, Félia Litvinne, Wilhelm Hesch, Lillian Nordica, Mario Ancona, Edouard De Reszke, Marcella Sembrich, Francesco Marconi, Josefina Huguet, Antonio Pini-Corsi, Mattia Battistini, Lilli Lehmann, Sir Charles Santley


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"One treasure follows another here, and the Ambisonic process is handsomely vindicated, with unobtrusive surface noise and astonishing presence." Michael Tanner, Classic CD

"...hearing the latest transfer to CD had me transfixed...the results are exceptionally vivid...They not only convey the astonishing presence but a sense of how beautiful the voices were, getting behind the tinny squawky sounds often heard on old 78s...I would recommend this as an ideal set for anyone not already committed to historic vocals but who simply wants to investigate how great singing could be 90 years ago." Edward Greenfield, The Guardian

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