The Flower Of All Ships: Tudor Court Music from the time of The Mary Rose

The raising of Mary Rose in 1982 has brought with it a wealth of exciting artefacts, including several musical instruments. CIRCA 1500 play copies of the fiddle and three hole pipe, muddled after the instruments recovered. When the 17 year old Henry succeeded his father the austere atmosphere was lifted with the court chronicler Hall reporting that Henry “exercised himself daily in sports and also singing, dancing, playing recorder, flute, virginals and in setting of songs in making of ballads.” The musical tastes were cosmopolitan with English, French, Flemish and Italian music and musicians called upon to nourish the king’s voracious musical appetite.

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"I bought this a while ago and it has slowly grown on me untill I adore it. A great mix of uplifting and reflective with a splash of the melancholy. Thumbs up!"- E. Brooks-Steele

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