The Imaginative Johnny Windhurst: Jazz Trumpeter Extraordinaire - His 19 Finest 1945-1956

Following on from the pioneering Dick Cathcart CD (RTR 4308), Retrospective presents more buried jazz treasure with The Imaginative Johnny Windhurst. Of the label’s many rewarding Digby Fairweather collaborations, this one performs the greatest service in throwing the spotlight on a relatively little-known musician of unsurpassed brilliance, yet who seldom visited the recording studio. New York-born Johnny Windhurst (1926-1981) was playing alongside Sidney Bechet as a teenager, apparently destined for jazz immortality, and he was among the most highly regarded of the Eddie Condon ‘school’, one whose skill and imagination was spoken of with awe by fellow musicians. Yet somehow his career didn’t take off and he eventually opted to play in local obscurity. This collection of his rare studio recordings, plus a few spectacular live concert broadcasts, is a revelation, demonstrating the artistry of a true jazz master.

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This reissue offers a selection of recordings, some extremely rare, by a trumpeter with a distinctive golden tone who played with some of the best bands around, yet who now is largely forgotten.

His great rhythmic drive, combined with a passionate lyricism meant that he was quite capable of holding his own, even against as fierce an instrumental protagonist as Sidney Bechet. Memory Lane

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