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The Kingston Trio Here We Go Again! - The 28 Finest of the Original Trio



Here is the very best of the trio whose huge success brought about a whole “folk revival” and inspired a generation to pick up a guitar and sing. “Hang down your head, Tom Dooley. Hang down your head and cry”. In 1958 that cry reverberated around the world and introduced a new musical phenomenon: The Kingston Trio. While never claiming to be folksingers, Dave Guard, Nick Reynolds and Bob Shane created a performing style of infectious exuberance that took folk music out of its niche market and into the mainstream. During a heady few years their first five studio albums all reached No.1, plus two other LPs at No.2 and one at No.3! This Retrospective collection offers the 28 finest of the original Trio (before Dave Guard left in 1961). Now, more than half a century on, we can still feel our spirits lifted by those happy sounds – here we go again!

The Kingston Trio Here We Go Again! - The 28 Finest of the Original Trio


This collection is a fine example of their clean cut college boy appeal on an eclectic range of material which can only be very broadly classified as folk. Some engaging performances here, particularly the haunting San Miguel, Mountains of Mourne and The River Is Wide. The highlights for me are two solos by Bob Shane, first on the Ellington-like Scotch and Soda, and four years before Sinatra, a simple and moving version of It was a Very Good Year. Great sound throughout and of course, excellent liner notes and discographical detail. Gerry Stonestreet- In Tune August 2012