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The Mills Brothers: Paper Doll - Their 56 Finest 1931-1952



This is the definitive double-CD selection of the very best of the remarkable Mills Brothers, the most popular male close-harmony group in music history. Paper Doll is our Retrospective tribute, released to celebrate the centenary of the youngest of the brothers, Donald. Over their remarkable career, The Mills Brothers made, it is estimated, more than two thousand recordings, with combined sales of over 50 million copies. They had a unique style and were uniquely successful, combining as they did the best elements of vaudeville, Negro minstrelsy, barbershop and jazz. In addition, their 'trademark' of vocalising instrumental effects was a sensational novelty. Paper Doll is a compendium of all their major hits since they burst onto the scene in 1931 with Tiger Rag. Countless smashes (there are actually 36 chart successes here!) include such million-sellers as the title track, You Always Hurt The One You Love and their final No.1, The Glow Worm (1952). The fun is only increased by eight delightful duets in which the brothers are joined by Louis Armstrong (Cherry), Bing Crosby (Dinah), Ella Fitzgerald (Dedicated To You) and Al Jolson (Is It True What They Say About Dixie?).

The Mills Brothers: Paper Doll - Their 56 Finest 1931-1952


“This double album surveys the career of the Mills Brothers from 1931 to 1952 in roughly chronological order. The group consisted of four actual brothers who adapted barber-shop singing by adding elements of close harmony and jazz as well as scat. Their biggest selling point was that they only used one accompanying instrument – the guitar played by John Mills, who also imitated double bass and tuba. The other brothers also imitated musical instruments, providing what often sounded like a whole orchestra… The Mills Brothers had a tangible influence on later vocal groups and assisted the acceptance of Black entertainers in a segregated America.” Tony Augarde,