The Restoration and Georgian Anthem [5 CD Set]

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"Taken together, the set will clearly give much pleasure to lovers of Anglican Church music, either to remind them of a fairly obscure period in its history, or to fill a gap in their knowledge. Although the discs were first recorded at various times – oddly, unspecified as to when in the booklet notes, which are otherwise informative and detailed – and the choir was made up of different members in each case as a result, there is an impressive consistency in the choir’s general approach to the music. No doubt that is attributable to Higginbottom’s engagement with this music over a long period of time and the rapport he formed with the ensemble. The recorded sound is also consistent, though it may cause some frustration in that the choir seems to be placed at some distance in the acoustic ambience, with the organ more recessed still, such that the volume needs to be turned up quite high in order to detect the layers and nuances of the music. But it captures something of the experience of listening to this music in the wider space of one of England’s great ecclesiastical institutions, and reminding us that it forms part of a still-living tradition.-"Curtis Rogers

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