The Silent Circles Of Truth: The Poetry, Prose And Paintings of Shura Gehrman [Hardback Book]

Shura Gehrman was a man born out of his time - a 'romantic outsider', yet with steely qualitie which made him, among other things, a successful businessman (he founded Nimbus Records), and a distinguished singer. In September 1993, with a box of French crayons, he suddenly began producing extraordinary pictures... I was astounded by their quality. Some of them might be unknown drawings by Egon Schiele; some of the faces (he called them 'masks') have the frightening power of Schoenberg's expressionistic self-portraits.

An almost overpowering need to love - in all its forms - underlies Gehrman's writing. His poems are what Joyce called 'epiphanies' - snapshots of intense reality. They capture the essence of Gehrman's life as it had been actually lived, an amalgam of great inwardness and a curious ability to relax into a world of 'free fall'.

Colin Wilson

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