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Treasured Classics for Violin, Viola & Piano



This CD includes a popular collection of highlights and virtuoso short form compositions for violin and piano and some new arrangements for viola and piano. There are many recordings of most of the pieces included here and naturally the question arises: why another one? The reason for undertaking such an ambitious task is that our approach to the music is from a slightly different angle - focusing more on expression and feeling rather than on showmanship. The viola as a solo instrument began to become more popular only in the 20th century and as a result there is a lack of short works prior to this. With these transcriptions, recorded on this disc for the first time, I have endeavoured to enrich the viola's Romantic repertoire. Last but not least, the chosen works are my personal favourite short works, which I always thoroughly enjoy playing. Devorina Gamalova

Treasured Classics for Violin, Viola & Piano