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Vic Damone: On The Street Where You LIve - His 27 Finest 1947-1958



Including all 12 of his Top Ten Hits Vito Farinola (1928-2018), as “Vic Damone”, stands alongside his idols Frank Sinatra and Perry Como as one of the very best of that golden era of Italian-American crooners of the the 40s and 50s. Retrospective’s tribute follows his death this year at the age of 89 after a career of over half a century. Our survey covers the years of his rich heyday from 1947-1958 – from the two big hits that came out of his debut recording session (I Have But One Heart and You Do), through all his other major successes (Again, Just Say I Love Her, Ebb Tide, An Affair To Remember and so on) to his UK chart-topping On The Street Where You Live. His effortless, velvet-smooth high baritone is ideal for these romantic songs, many of them bringing a touch of Italian sunshine (and, on occasions, Italian lyrics), such as his US No.1 You’re Breaking My Heart. As Frank Sinatra famously said: “Vic has the best pipes in the business.”

Vic Damone: On The Street Where You LIve - His 27 Finest 1947-1958


The loss of Vic Damone earlier this year has not so far led to a spate of reissues of his later recordings as one might have hoped but this excellent collection of the best of the first decade of his career serves as an elegant reminder of why Sinatra regarded the younger man as having 'the best set of pipes in the business'. Certainly, the effortless grace with which he invests such ballads as I HAVE BUT ONE HEART, YOU'RE BREAKING MY HEART and JUST SAY I LOVE HER support that claim and of course the two later titles that cemented his reputation in the UK, ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE and AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER are classics of their kind. Along the way, Retrospective have unearthed some lesser known gems like the Hoagy Carmichael film song IVY, MUSIC FROM BEYOND THE MOON, (which proves to be the same melody as the later MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE) and MUSIC BY THE ANGELS, as well as his covers of songs that were more successful by other singers like the Guy Mitchell pair MY TRULY TRULY FAIR and MY HEART CRIES FOR YOU and AL Martino's HERE IN MY HEART. There's also excellent versions of ETERNALLY, APRIL IN PORTUGAL and THE BREEZE AND I to complete a very satisfying compilation which is, it goes without saying by now, accompanied by Retrospective's usual full discographical information and comprehensive liner notes. In Tune Magazine

***** The American singer and actor Vic Damone was born on 12 June 1928 in Brooklyn. He was taken over by Perry Como and in April 1947 Damone won the talent show Talent Scouts. Later that year he signed a record deal with Mercury Records. The CD "Vic Damone; On The Street Where You Live "presents the 27 most important recordings made by the singer between 1947 and 1958.

The CD opens with his recording of the song "On the street where you live" from the musical "My Fair Lady", which he recorded on February 14, 1956 - a month before the New York world premiere of March 15, 1956! - made. Damon's version received a gold record and in 1958 it became his only number 1 listing in England. Then his first album "I have but one heart (O Marinariello)", which was released in August 1947 and he sang partly in English and partly in Italian. The single reached 7th place in the Billboard chart. The following single "You do" was released on November 1, 1947 and also reached 7th place. In 1949 Damone had two big hits: "Again" achieved 6th place and gave him his first gold record and later that year his first number 1 hit "You're breaking my heart" followed. In 1955, Damone's star appeared to fade, but a year later he switched to Columbia Records and some of his records - including "On the street where you live" - ​​were back in the charts. The title song "An affair to remember" from the film of the same name reached 16th place in 1957. The CD concludes with "The only man on the island" from 1958, with which Damone achieved 24th place in England.

Damone was one of the most successful "crooners" in the United States with around 40 hits between 1947 and the early 1960s. Frank Sinatra said about him that he had "the best set of pipes in the business". Vic Damone died on 11 February 2018 at the age of 89. Opera Nederland