Vivaldi Glorias



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"I first heard this recording when my school chorus was preparing to sing it for our end of the year concert. Our choir director played this for us beforehand to give us a taste of what we would be singing. I bought this CD a week later, having fallen for the beautiful tone and quality of the music. This CD is recorded by an all mens choir. The boy soprano's especially are enthralling to listen to."- Meg Magrath

"Fabulous ! I'm sorry that I'm not a proficient music reviewer, so you'll have to go elsewhere for the technical details. All I know is that I've got 7 or 8 different renditions of Vivaldi's "Gloria" and this is my favorite. The soloists are wonderful, as well as the orchestra. If you like this kind of choral & orchestral music you can't go wrong with this CD."-Anonymous

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