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Wilbur De Paris - Hot Mustard



Another superb jazz release from Retrospective! Trombonist Wilbur De Paris (1900-1973) had a long apprenticeship, with Duke Ellington among others, before he was able to express his own ideas with his own band, but his golden years of the 50s, enshrined on these two Retrospective CDs, genuinely extended the boundaries of traditional jazz. For him, jazz was never history; it was a living art and as hot as mustard. His New Orleans Jazz was always “New”. From his series of highly acclaimed original LPs we have selected the 38 finest tracks – 2 hours 38 minutes of the most invigorating jazz. Magnificent trombonist though he was, the great strengths of De Paris’ “New” New Orleans Jazz lay in the coming together of a supremely talented group of musicians. These included two remarkable trumpeters, his brother Sidney De Paris and Doc Cheatham. Then there was the superlative clarinet of Omer Simeon (late of Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers), replaced after his death by the almost-as-good Garvin Bushell. Wilbur De Paris’ declared aim was “to play as the early New Orleans masters would if they were alive today”. His choice of repertoire goes beyond imaginative renditions of the jazz standards to encompass an enormous range of material. Certainly the music itself is “alive today” – here is the most exuberant, happy jazz that still sounds “New”.

Wilbur De Paris - Hot Mustard


“…when it comes to quality, Retrospective always, without exception, release CDs that are exemplary in terms of production values… magnificent sound restoration, literate liner notes and full discographical information are a given and that is once again the case here, a CD double that in the words of Irvin Berlin ‘simply oozes class’. This is New Orleans jazz of the highest order… An excellent release to add to the label’s impressive roster of retrospectives on vintage jazz artists.” In Tune International

'Retrospective always, without exception, release CDs that are exemplary in terms of production values...[This CD is] an excellent release to add to the label's impressive roster of retrospective on vintage jazz artists'. International Records Review, March 2015